Family Programs

Safari Squad

Join the Squad! Bring 3-5 year olds for a playful adventure as we launch “Safari Squad!", our program for our youngest learners. Safari Squad programs feature an animal encounter, storybook reading, an arts and crafts project, and free-choice play stations, all focused on a special, new theme each month. Safari Squad will now be featured at 10:00 am for one Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday each month! Classes begin at 10:00 am and usually last an hour.

Monthly Themes: 

"Small but Mighty"
March 22, 25
Come learn about some of the tiny creatures that roam this Earth. But don't underestimate them- while they may be small, they can also be fierce!

"Paws for the Planet"
April 11, 12, 15
We can all help to save our planet. Join us to find out how even the littlest hands can make a difference!

"Jungle Boogie" 
May 9, 10, 13
Join us as we boogie around with animals that live in the rainforest!

"Who's the Tallest of them All?" 
June 13, 14, 17  
In honor of World Giraffe Day, let's explore all about the tallest land animal.


members: $10 each
non-members: $25 each (includes full day admission)


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