Photo Policy

Naples Zoo Photo Policy

Commercial Shoots: If you would like to arrange a photography shoot involving zoo staff or need an image for a publication, please contact our Public Relations Director at 239.262.5409 ext 153.

Existing Images: Naples Zoo recognizes the desire by photographers of different skill levels to use the zoo environment and its inhabitants for commercial purposes. This policy is designed to fairly address the need for all levels of photographers in contrast to a flat rate that only professional photographers would be able to afford. Therefore, if you have taken an image at Naples Zoo while visiting that you would like to use commercially, you may do so only upon meeting the following requirements: 

Request for Permission:Fax (239.262.6866) or mail a copy of this signed agreement to Naples Zoo, Photo Permission, 1590 Goodlette-Frank Rd , Naples FL 34102. (Download PDF to sign)

Submit your high resolution digital image to Naples Zoo via e-mail to (Subject line: Photo Permission) or on CD to Naples Zoo, Photo Permission, 1590 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples FL 34102. Images must be at least 300 dpi at 4” x 6” minimum. Highest quality JPG via e-mail (not to exceed 3 megabytes per e-mail) or TIFF, PSD, or RAW formats via CD for larger files.If, in Naples Zoo's sole discretion, the image is in support of Naples Zoo and its mission “to delight guests with the natural world to inspire the preservation of our planet's wild areas and their wondrous inhabitants,” 

Naples Zoo will countersign and return a copy of the agreement to you at the fax number or mailing address provided. Upon receipt of this signed agreement, you may market and sell the image as defined herein. Naples Zoo reserves the right to refuse permission for images that are not determined to be in the best interests of Naples Zoo.You agree that Naples Zoo is granted unlimited use of submitted and approved photos for advertising, education, and/or promotion without compensation to photographer. Although photo credit will not appear in advertising, it will be applied elsewhere when practical. 

 Naples Zoo's license to use submitted photos is nonexclusive. The photographer retains the rights to the original negatives or files.If a photographer is found in non-compliance, Naples Zoo has the right to pursue legal recourse.Images for Publications:If personal images taken at Naples Zoo are to be sold (or printed without fee) for use in a publication, a document stating the intended use must be signed and received by the Naples Zoo at least four weeks prior to printing. Images cannot be sold or used in publications that do not support Naples Zoo and its mission. Captions for all photos must be e-mailed or faxed for approval and proper photo credit should be applied. This does not apply to members of the media in cooperation with Zoo staff. 

Prohibited under any circumstance:Sale of images or merchandise/promotions in conjunction with photographs cannot use Naples Zoo's brand, logo, or name in images or as a promotional selling device. (For example, a beautiful image of a monkey on a t-shirt or poster with any reference to Naples Zoo – even a caption reading “I Love Naples Zoo” - would not be permitted.)

Fees: If sale of the submitted image generates $50 or more to the photographer in any calendar year, 20% of the fee received by the photographer is to be donated to the Naples Zoo Conservation Fund. This fee received by Naples Zoo is not to exceed $500 for any one image per calendar year.Examples for sale of images in a calendar year:If a photographer sells an image directly and receives $100, a donation of $20 is to be submitted.If a photographer sells an image for retail $80 through a third party and receives a $40 fee, no fee to Naples Zoo is required.If a photographer sells an image for $100 through a third party and receives $50, a donation of $10 is to be submitted.If a photographer sells an image 30 times for $4 through a third party and receives $2 per image totaling $60, a $12 fee is to be submitted.If a photographer sells an image for $500 six times, total amount due is $500 (maximum per image per year).We appreciate your compliance with these basic guidelines and thank you for your support of Naples Zoo and conservation. The non-profit Naples Zoo expends significant funds caring for animals both in and outside the wild as well as creates the circumstances which allow photographers to take images of these animals and plants. In addition, the sale of images taken at our institution is a source of funding for our own wildlife programs. 

Please note: If you're thinking a tiger is a tiger, so close ups of animals without backgrounds are not recognizable, zoo professionals that work with 4 tigers could readily pick each one out of a line-up with many other tigers – just like a teacher can with his or her own students.I, the undersigned, am the photographer of the submitted image(s). I support the Naples Zoo and its mission. I will only market and sell this image in ways that are beneficial to Naples Zoo and its stated goals and will only release digital images to third parties that agree to the same. (Royalty free images would be prohibited as usage cannot be guaranteed.) I will not use these images in ways that associate Naples Zoo or its animals/plants with organizations that are inconsistent with the goals of Naples Zoo. (PDF Copy to Sign)