The residents and visitors of Florida share the state with an impressive array of native animals including over forty species of snakes. A small number of them, just 6, are venomous. And while the vast majority of Floridians and residents will only see a venomous snake in a zoo, knowing some basic rules about snake safety is a good idea for everyone - and especially for people who work outdoors regularly.

If you have been bitten, please seek medical treatment immediately.

 As no universal recommendations exist for treating snakebites, the following information is provided for informational purposes only. We take no liability for the use of any of the information and encourage individuals to review all relevant materials in establishing their own safety protocols. 

Online Guide to the Snakes of Florida Florida Museum of Natural History

Florida Poison Information Center - Tampa includes phone number and general info 

Download: Snake Safety Protocol and Sympton Checklist: A Summary Document (112 kb PDF) 

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