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12/26: Roar for Conservation SOLD OUT

Several large cats call Naples Zoo their home, including lions, cheetahs, and our newest addition- two young tigers that just moved in. Campers will get to meet the cats and have the opportunity to explore conservation efforts for these fascinating animals.

12/27: Rainforests Rock! SOLD OUT

Rainforests are among the most phenomenally diverse habitats in the world. Campers will discover some amazing rainforest animals, learn about biodiversity and meet some local rainforest residents right here at the Zoo. 

12/28: Journey to Africa     sold out

What habitats are in Africa and what animals roam in each? These are some of the most wildly captivating creatures on the face of the earth, and their lifestyles will thrill your children. Campers can choose their favorite African animal, explore predator – prey relationships and design their animal’s perfect habitat.

12/29: Endangered Today, Thriving Tomorrow SOLD OUT

Campers will design a conservation strategy for an animal on the verge of extinction. They will delight in designing a creative and impactful campaign to save their animal of choice, including the creation of a commercial, making posters, coming up with catchy slogans and more!

12/30: Destination: Florida’s Backyard 

There are many native Florida species that roam in your very own backyard and also reside at the Zoo. What habitats at your home need protection and what can your campers do to help? We’ll offer an engaging trip down the lane of different Florida ecosystems and what we can do to ensure these precious animals’ survival. 

Ages: 5 - 12 (classes divided into age groups)

Hours: 9 am - 4 pm

Cost: $49 members; $59 nonmembers
Discounts: 10% off for multiple days or multiple campers!

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