ZooMobile Outreach Programs

Let the Zoo come to you!

We understand it is difficult to go on field trips. The second best option is to bring the field trip to you! Outreach programs consist of interactive 45 minute programs with science, environment, and/or conservation content based on the individual grade level standards.
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Program Topics by Age Level

Backbone Basics (Early Education – 34 year olds)
Do I have a backbone? What about animals? What does a backbone do? Are there animals that don’t have backbones? Through play, engineering, and animal encounters, children will learn about animals that have backbones and what they do.

SENSE-ational  Senses (K – 1st Grade)
Slithering, swinging, and scurrying all over the world, animals of all shapes and sizes explore the world around them in surprising ways. Students will see how well they can use their own senses, and discover how animals from lions to alligators to snakes use their sensational senses to survive in the wild.

Cycles of Life (2nd – 3rd Grade)
How do frogs grow? What about alligators? We will meet animals up close as we identify and compare animal life cycles. Students will discover incredible features that animals develop throughout their lives that enable them to survive amongst life’s challenges.

Survival in the Savanna (4th  – 5th  Grade)                                                                                              
Life can be challenging in the Savanna – come learn why!  Students will build food web models and make drastic changes to them as they learn how natural and human-caused impacts alter the animal way of life.  We will also explore a variety of animal adaptations that help these species survive in the Savanna. Discussion will include how students can make positive change in their community that can impact animals around the globe.


1 Program         $175     Max 50 participants* 
2 Programs       $270     Max 50 participants per program*

*Early Education Programs have max participants of 30 per program. 

Click here to register!  **If you're interested in registering for a program over the summer (through August 10), please contact Education at 239-262-5409 ext. 158 or email education@napleszoo.org**

Questions? Email us at education@napleszoo.org.


 · Each program can be for up to 50 total participants and up to 2 programs can be booked back-to-back on one date. 

 · Only one location can be booked daily.

 ·  A 20% deposit is required to reserve your program. 

 · Programs must be booked and paid in full at least 21 days in advance. 

 · Programs may occur up to a maximum 60 miles from Naples Zoo. Outreach programs must occur away from other animals and food. 

 · Teachers are required to remain with their students during the program for learning and behavioral support. 

 · Each program includes a standards-based activity and an up-close encounter with at least two education animals.

 · Education animals are those who are easily transported and used to interacting with guests. Examples of education animals are turtles, tortoises, snakes, hedgehog, scorpion, lizard, or frog. 

· Animal and participant safety is our top priority. A program may be stopped immediately if Zoo staff deems safety is compromised.

 · Not all animals are touch-able. If students participate, hand sanitizer is required.


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